It Ain’t All Perfect Powder

Skier Jeff Noordsy shows us that it ain’t all perfect powder – it takes some serious grit and determination to be a real East Coast skier!

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185 Daily Bread Review

February 18th, 2012 by Adrian Kostrubiak

The Worth Daily Bread with custom bacon themed topsheets

Thanks to Do Work of the EpicSki forums for an awesome review of our Daily Breads!

Basic skier info: 

Age: 29
Height:  5’8″
Weight:  165lbs
Other skis I’ve skied and really liked:  Moment tahoe, PM Gear 183 BRO (euro), PM Gear 183 fat carbon bro, 180 Praxis BC carbon, Head Mojo 90, Head Supershape Magnum.
Skis I hate:  Rossi B94s.  Ugh.  Dead fish.

I mounted them right on the line with Rossi 155 turntables and I wear Lange Freeride 130s.  If I had to stab at my ability level I’d say “budding expert”?  But I hate trying to label my particular brand of suck.  It’s tough.

The basic rundown?  These skis rip and I mean RIP.  Stiff and responsive yet well balanced and agile while having no speed limit I can find.  I can’t think of a better ski if I had to pick ONE ski to ski everything that wasn’t a huge pow day for steep terrain and sketchy conditions.  I got to try the power core/glass layup versions at Smuggs a few weeks ago and literally got more than I could handle.  It was a blast on the cord but anything ungroomed or bumpy I couldn’t bend them in and was left playing catchup.  The general consensus among all the testers over a few beers is that the power core is for ex-racer types above 200 lbs.  The response (lighter) core however, I found to be perfect for me.  I’m amazed every time I ski them that a 98 waisted ski can bite like this one.  There hasn’t exactly been a surplus of pow falling and one would imagine I have been bored out of my gourd.  Not so in the least.  Finding my balance point in these skis was so much fun, when you ski up on your shins and stay stacked they become like scalpels and you can pop around and make small SL style turns or turn on the speed and I dare you to try to overpower these skis- I just can’t find their limit but they feel so damn comfortable when you’re on point and cooking.  Go ahead, throw them way outside and make a big fat sweeper under the lift, they’ll hold and transfer just like you want.  The almost-flat-and-square tails really make you want to finish those turns and I feel like these will be a HUGE hit with the EpicSki community once they get their hands on a few pairs to try.

I can’t wait to try these things in some bumpy chop and mank or some pow, I am positive they will destroy.  This is one of those skis that will almost force you to be a better skier because it just has so much energy it forces you to ski the terrain it’s so addictive.  I’ve found myself blowing right by old stop points because I feel so good just maching in comfort and stability.  Even several of my friends have made comments about how I must love them because now they can’t keep up so I know it’s not just in my head.

It’s almost hard to come up with an accurate description of these skis, but they will pay you back in spades when you ski them with good form.  Whatever you are doing, they’re ready for it.  I’ve yet to find a speed limit or a turn shape they aren’t capable of making.  All around a great do-it-all (I refuse to use that “other term”) ski that I will personally be reaching for when I’m planning on ripping and there’s under a foot on the ground…  The only reason I say that is because I have a pile of big fat skis for those days.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.  I could ramble forever but I know some of you will have specific things to ask I haven’t though of but in the few weeks I’ve gotten to ski them, I’m beyond impressed with everything I’ve experienced.  Can’t recommend them highly enough to the members of this forum.  Cheers and let’s pray for some pow!

Again, thanks to Do Work of the EpicSki forums!  If you want to know more about the Daily Breads, please read on…

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