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Skier Jeff Noordsy shows us that it ain’t all perfect powder – it takes some serious grit and determination to be a real East Coast skier!

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KALE!!!! A Worthy Cause…

July 3rd, 2012 by Jason Duquette-Hoffman


Vermont artist and t-shirt screener extraordinaire Bo Muller-Moore has been hand screen-printing his signature Eat More Kale logo t-shirts in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom for years. Recently, fast-food giant Chik-Fil-A set their trademark attorney after Bo, claiming his Eat More Kale logo might confuse people because it is too similar to their “Eat mor chikin” advertising slogan. So far, the trademark office’s initial response agreed. We think kale is pretty easily distinguishable from chicken. While I enjoy a kale chip here and there, I am not likely to grill it up, or marinate and kebob it on the 4th.

To show our support for this local artist and Defiant Dude, Worth is taking up the Eat More Kale cause as one of our WORTHY CAUSES. We worked with Bo to come up with a special EMK graphic. When you buy a pair of our skis with the EMK graphic, we will donate ALL of the after-cost proceeds to Bo’s legal defense fund. You can support this local artist, and rock a pretty sweet-looking pair of skis to boot!

Visit Bo’s website at, or check him out on Facebook at

Let’s help Bo keep on keepin’ on!


2 Responses to “KALE!!!! A Worthy Cause…”

  1. Will Roberts says:

    Hey! I’m interested. How much are the skis? Are they alpine? What sizes do they come in? Thanks!

    • Jason Duquette-Hoffman says:

      You can get the EMK graphic on any of our models, in any size! Check out our offerings, and click on a model for options and prices. The EMK graphic is not a custom graphic, and does not cost any more than our regular price.

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