It Ain’t All Perfect Powder

Skier Jeff Noordsy shows us that it ain’t all perfect powder – it takes some serious grit and determination to be a real East Coast skier!

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Who We Are

The heart of American skiing.  The “worst” weather on Earth.  The land of Robert Frost.

This is the East Coast.  The Right Coast.   Where skiing is in the DNA, in the water, in the very fabric of life.

Worth Skis is a new company, born and bred in the Northeast.  We want to build skis designed for Eastern skiers, by Eastern skiers, for terrain from Wachussett to the Wasatch, Killington to Kathmandu.

Started by three Eastern skiers, Worth is evolution in progress.  A marriage of independent thinking, practical design and the belief that EC skiers need love too.  When you contact us, you will speak with an owner.  No offshore call centers, no CSRs, just us.

Got an idea?  Contact us and send it along.  Want more details than anyone ever thinks is reasonable? Bring it on. We are as into this as you, or maybe even more, and we won’t be out-geeked.  Gearheads, bark-eaters, snow-worshippers… welcome home.

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