It Ain’t All Perfect Powder

Skier Jeff Noordsy shows us that it ain’t all perfect powder – it takes some serious grit and determination to be a real East Coast skier!

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The Worth Daily Bread Topsheets

The Daily Bread

The Specs:

132- 98-116, 24m turn radius in a 185cm. Early rise in the tip and the stiffest, roundest flex pattern. The sidecut center is the furthest forward of the three, and it has the least taper (16mm). It also has the shortest nose length, and is our most “standard” shape.

The Rider:

You just finished up your second run in this weekend’s Masters race, your adrenaline is still on overload and you can’t decide whether you want to blaze down the double-fall line rollover at mach schnell or duck off the trail into the hardwoods for some bark-eating fun.  The consummate Eastern skier, you really crave soft snow. But, honestly, give you a firm, well-rolled, steep trail buffed to perfection, and you will happily lay trenches all day long. You need your daily fix of deep carves, face shots and twig smacks.  You need…your Daily Bread.

The Inspiration:

In the Breadloaf Wilderness of Vermont, beautiful Green Mountain National Forest backcountry meets the training grounds of the Middlebury College Ski Team. Inspired by this environment, The DB offers maximum versatility.  Our narrowest shape, the DB has the shortest turn radius, most forward bias in the sidecut and least taper.  A strong carver, the DB is equally at home ripping steep, hard, groomed trails as it is dancing through backcountry hardwood stands. If your daily grind includes lapping the groomers, skipping through glades, weaving through bumps and heading into the wilderness, the DB is a perfect choice.  The DB features design elements like an early rise tip and taper that maximize fun in varied snow, bred with real carving credentials.  Welcome to the East.