It Ain’t All Perfect Powder

Skier Jeff Noordsy shows us that it ain’t all perfect powder – it takes some serious grit and determination to be a real East Coast skier!

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The George

The Specs:

150-118-127 (sizes 171-185cm)/153-120-130 (195cm MegaGeorge), 30m turn radius in a 195cm. 23mm of taper. Slight tip and tail rocker and a longer shark-nose. Big ski power and stability, small ski maneuverability.

The Rider:

Trees are your friends. You like the way they look, the way they smell, the way they fill up with snow. But mostly, you like when there are none around and they are all WAAAAY down below you. When the treeline is invisible past the roll of the next drop, the visibility is counted in hundreds of miles, and avy reports are your daily reading of choice, you need the George.  In the big and deep, you need a big friend. Hello, George.

New!!! We are now offering the George in a hopped-up, overblown, built-for-the-greater-apes version….the MegaGeorge! Longer (195cm only), wider and spec’d stiffer than the standard George, it is THE tool for those whose needs are, well, just plain BIGGER. Feel the need to compensate for something? Look no further. Lift lines will part, the masses will bow, and the mountains will shudder at your very approach as you wield your Thor’s hammer of the snow…The MegaGeorge. Oh yeah.

The Inspiration:

The East’s most famous mountain deserves a signature ski.  Our big-mountain design, the George packs all of the power, girth and versatility needed to slay big lines.  But despite its big mountain cred, the George is designed to be as comfortable in the low angle woods as it is on steep pitches in sketchy conditions.  With the most tip rocker, most taper and most rearward stance, the George is built to crush crud, float in powder and dance down steeps.  The traditional camber profile aft of the tip rocker maintains power, while the agressive sidecut taper keeps tips up and tail engaged for steering control.  The long turn radius reduces hooking, enhances adaptability and lets you shut it down when things get dicey.  The George, like its namesake, is big.  All guts, all glory, all George.