It Ain’t All Perfect Powder

Skier Jeff Noordsy shows us that it ain’t all perfect powder – it takes some serious grit and determination to be a real East Coast skier!

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The Worth Humpback

The Humpback

The Specs:

140-109-122, 27m turn radius in a 185cm. Early rise tip and tail. Sidecut set back is 10cm from center and the taper is 18mm. It has a longer, “sharkier” nose for crud busting and stability in uneven snow.

The Rider:

You are the dawn patrol.  You log as much vert going up as you do going down.  Your dog whines expectantly when the weather report calls for snow. Your kids prepare for school snow days by gathering up their snowshoes and strapping on their packs. You know your favorite stashes by feel, so you can ski them in any weather. Groomers are fine for low-snow days, or getting back to the lift. Your nose is like a metal-detector for untouched snow.  Your equipment is a beloved tool for the journey, and the Humpback is your ride of choice.

The Inspiration:

Honoring the beauty and wonder of Vermont’s signature backcountry peak, Camel’s Hump, the Humpback puts a backcountry spin on the traditional all-mountain shape.  With a longer tip shape, tip rocker and a more rearward stance, the Humpback uses design to facilitate maximum enjoyment of varied and softer snow.  The shape beautifully marries quick turning response with adaptability.  A wider platform than the Daily Bread, the Humpback is the tool of choice for backcountry access and adventure.  Like all of our designs, the Humpback is no slouch on hard snow.  Want to carve up Nosedive before you head to the Teardrop?  No problem.  Heading into the backcountry after your Masters race? Check.  The Chic Chocs, Great Gulf or the Pemi Wilderness…anytime? You get the picture.